The words ‘fitness’ and ‘vacation’ don’t usually go together in the same sentence, unless of course you’ve booked a health retreat in Phuket in which case you’re in for an “interesting” time getting real with your body. Have fun with that. Yoga Spas and Master Cleanses aside, what happens when you just want to keep up a bit of daily movement during your holiday? You follow Sarah O’Farrell from the Fit Travel blog that’s what! From Bike Tours in Bangkok to Gym Reviews in Vietnam, Perth native Sarah is traversing Asia and sharing her tips and tricks on how to stay fit while traveling.

If you could sum up the kind of traveller you are in one word, what would it be?


Can you think of a film which has inspired you to travel to a particular destination? 

After seeing Schindlers List I really wanted to visit Auschwitz. I spent a few days in Krakow back in 2007, absorbing all the history of such a sad time. It was snowing when I went to the concentration camps, which gave a small insight into the extreme conditions the pow endured.

Describe the weirdest travel experience you’ve ever had…

After arriving in Bagan, Myanmar at about 4am, we were being taken by horse and cart to our guesthouse. It was so surreal. The sun rising, the clip clop of the horses hooves and the amazing ancient temples surrounding us on both sides of the road. It was a breath taking moment – until our driver decided it was a great idea to play Gangham Style on his mobile phone – loudly, on repeat!

Apart from the basics, what can you never travel without? 

Lip balm! I have a bit of an obsession and generally have about 10 different types with me.

Name a place your dying to visit and why?

Not so much a place but I would love to travel on the Trans Siberian all the way from China to Russia. I enjoy train travel and consider this one to be the epitome of rail journeys.

Name a favourite destination you would go back to and why?

The Maldives – it was absolute paradise. The water, the sand, the marine life – all amazing! It was a very different experience to how we usually travel and I really appreciated feeling like a queen for a week.

Gili Air Indonesia

What’s your plane personality?

Anxiety, wine, anxiety, wine, anxiety, wine – I’m a bit of a nervous flyer. Perhaps I’ve watched a few too many Air Crash Investigation programs. I’m not entirely sure why I’m fearful in the air but the day of my flight can be a bit of a mental challenge.

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AMW xx