Natasha Darling is an all round creative soul who produces wonderful visual artwork through the thoughtful use of her surroundings and experiences – wherever they may be.

With a cross disciplinary background in all things design, she has also fulfilled a successful career as a Stylist with reputable publications and designers in London, Dubai and Australia over the past six years. It is through these wonderful experiences she caught the travel bug. And she hasn’t stopped travelling since. Her various stints to far away places have served her well creatively though, with many of her pieces a reflection of the places she’s been lucky enough to have been. After a near death experience in the last two years, she turned to spirituality to help her healing and what she found was a way of living that perfectly complimented her art and the type of traveller she is. I caught up with her for a little chat about how she marries her art, spirituality and travel to channel her creativity.

Name a place your dying to visit.

I really want to go to Costa Rica, the fact it has this paradox of environs, the extremes of Amazon and the ocean – that is quite magical I think. It gives you the best of both natural worlds. Costa Rica abolished the army presence in 1949 and now is known as one of the most progressive and abundant sovereign nations in Latin America.

Name a favourite destination you would go back to.

I would go back to Egypt if it were possible, I spent time in Cairo though I really enjoyed the coastline, one place being Sharm El Sheikh, the ocean swimming was incredible, exploring the reefs while in the company of incredibly colourful and curious tropical fish.  It was genuinely nice to totally relax and get away from the main city.  I definitely would love to go back and see more, if conditions permitted.

Cairo Sundown

What’s your plane personality? 

I am so over-prepared for flying it is ridiculous, it’s as if I were going to be on there for longer than 20 hours!  I tend to over pack things like art pens, pencils, paper and have the intention to draw and write poetry.     I do usually do it for an hour or so throughout the trip then I get over it and just end up listening to my iPod the whole time to chill out music while I look in a dreamy trance out the window.

Best foreign curse word you know?

Errr hmmm, I wouldn’t even know how to spell it in English! I know it is bad though! ha! I lived in Dubai for a year and learnt a few naughty Arabic/Egyptian curse phrases! I would never say them myself though I heard them come up quite often among the locals – in a funny way of course!

If you could be transported to one place at one time, what would it be and why?

I feel like I would be transported to Egypt to watch the Pyramids being built, they have all these theories about men building them though I have also read tales of advanced spiritual beings using sound vibration to move stones, I think it would be interesting to see the truth!

Aside from the basics (passport, ATM card, iPhone etc) what item can you absolutely never travel without?

I make my own essential oil, filtered water face and body spray bottles. I find they keep me fresh and my skin hydrated!  Essential oils have such medicinal benefits that on a plane it is so important to have something natural to connect with, everything about being in a plane in many ways is unnatural! Lavender, Rose Geranium, Bergamot & Citronella is one of my favourite mixes to keep me fresh yet relaxed!

Egypt Series Taken By Natasha 

Mountain of sand on the ocean Donkeys Stray Dogs Washing clothes in River Nile

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