Her gorgeous face has graced the pages of Asos.com, Cosmo and Shop, to name a few,  but it’s the girl she is when the cameras aren’t clicking that makes her the epitome of cool. Meet Bree Warren: Australian-born, NYC-based model; amateur surfer; global nomad, budding lifestyle-journalist and co-founder of The Wave Provocateur, a kick-ass blog she started with her boyfriend, Mitch McCann, to document their surfing adventures around the world. The beautifully-captured photographs and whimsical words of The Wave Provocateur highlight the true essence of blissed-out surfing spots in countries like Spain and Costa Rica. And did I mention the couple are cute-as-a-button?

Bree Warren and Mitch McCann from The Wave Provocateur

When did you start surfing? 

Growing up I was always at the beach or swimming so I guess surfing was the next thing on my list. I was 13 when I found one of Dad’s old boards in my grandparent’s garage at Burleigh Heads. I sat outside for hours scraping the old dirty wax off with a kitchen knife. About a year after that, I got my first new board for Christmas. Still the best present ever!

Where are you in the world right now? 

I live in New York now but the first few years of modelling I was based in Europe – mostly London. To be honest I never realised how much models travel until I became one. You’re literally thrown around the globe. Most of the time I feel like I don’t really live anywhere.

Bree Warren Surfing

Bree Warren Surfing 1

What is your favourite saying?

Fate rewards the brave.

If you could sum up the kind of traveller you are in one word, what would it be?


Can you think of a film which has inspired you to travel to a particular destination? 

I have so many…Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Endless Summer, The Tourist, Man on Fire, Lost in Translation, Blue Crush. Pretty much wherever a film is set – I will want to go there after I see it.

Describe the weirdest travel experience you’ve ever had…..

Seeing herds of goats climb trees in Morocco (not kidding) or doing a shoot in a strange hippy commune in the middle of Ibiza.

Apart from the basics, what’s in your carry on?

One big mess! I always have a big bag and no matter where I am going or what I am doing it’s overflowing. I have chargers, adapters, water, lip balm, headphones, vitamins…Oh and definitely my ipad! I have different magazine subscriptions on there to keep me entertained.

What’s the best foreign curse word you know?

Haha I can’t even think of one….I need to learn some asap!

Name a place your dying to visit…

There are 3 places on my list right now – Maldives, Galápagos Islands and Brazil. All three have epic surf but Maldives probably has the best. The Galapagos are so remote and have some of the most incredible wildlife. And Brazil because I have always been a little bit obsessed with Carnival.

Name a favorite destination you would go back to and why?

Oh this is so hard! Apart from Australia (bias I know), it would probably be Mexico. There’s so many different parts and it’s just fun! I also love Italy (mainly for the food and wine) and the Greek Islands (for the best sunsets in the world).

Bree Warren Canary Islands Spain

What’s your plane personality?

I like to tell myself I am going to be productive on planes but who am I kidding….I never am. For some reason I just can’t work on a plane. I fly so much I’ve usually seen most of the movies so I try to sleep or read. I have also just started meditating on planes because it really helps with jet lag.

You can follow Bree on her travels via The Wave Provocateur, or Instagram @thewaveprovocateur. She’s got some incredible modelling and travel pics on her own personal Instagram also – @breekwarren