This week’s Weekly Wayfarer is the lovely Andrea Magrath, everybody’s favourite foodie traveler living in London! Originally from Sydney, Australia, Andrea moved to the UK to pursue a life of food-inspired travel writing. This talented expat is certainly worth her chops in writing (yes, pun intended) – she is currently the London Correspondent for, and has contributed to the who’s who of publications including Daily Mail Online, Grazia Australia, The Huffington Post, Shop ‘Til You Drop, Cleo and Gourmet Traveller, to name a few. Andrea also writes about all things travel on her website Some Kind Of Wanderlust, a mixture of inspirational and aspiration travel showcasing unique experiences for visitors who are uninterested in the Red Bus Tour version of London, preferring to do as the locals do!


If you could sum up the kind of traveller you are in one word, what would it be?

Greedy. I always want more. I want to stay a few more days, go to more places, and see more while I’m there. And as soon I’m back, I’m planning the next trip. Each trip doesn’t satiate my wanderlust for a while, it just makes me hungry for the next.
Can you think of a film which has inspired you to travel to a particular destination? 
It would be hard to name one that didn’t! If I really love a movie I tend to get a little obsessed and google all the behind the scenes stuff after watching it (nerd alert). I’ll want to visit where it was set and see it for myself. I wrote about my favourites recently (you can read the blog post here) but I’d have to add that Game of Thrones is inspiring a lot of my travel recently – Malta and Morocco so far, with Croatia next on the list!
Andrea Magrath Malta
Apart from the basics, what can you never travel without? 
A book (not a Kindle – a proper paperback). Also, blister plasters. Exploring a new city means a lot of walking, and I will inevitably choose the occasion to try out a fancy new pair of shoes. I never learn!
What’s the best foreign curse word you know?
 Póg mo thóin. It’s Gaelic for “Kiss my a**”. My mum is Irish, and she taught me a few phrases growing up. This is the one that stuck.
What’s the best meal you have eaten in the last week and where?
I’m going to cheat as it was a little over a week ago, but I had an amazing lunch at a tiny little place near my house in East London called Little Georgia. I had an enormous piled high with different types of salads. I’d never eaten Georgian food before but it was so tasty, and incredibly cheap. It’s a new favourite.
Name a place your dying to visit and why?
Again, there’s far too many! I’m a bit obsessed with Norway, Iceland and Finland at the moment for the incredible landscapes. I’m hoping that Turkey will be my next big trip. I’m dying to go to the Bolivian salt flats too. And Tulum, Mexico has been on my Bucket List for ages now. We could be here a while…
Name a favorite destination you would go back to and why?
Formentera. It is a tiny Spanish island a short ferry ride from Ibiza. A lot of people tend to go for a day trip in between partying in Ibiza but I spent a week there last summer and it was complete heaven. It’s a blissful paradise, with crystal clear water and beautiful beaches. It has a laid-back hippie vibe and yet it’s luxurious and sophisticated at the same time. It’s the type of place I’d love to retire to.
What’s your plane personality?
It’s not very nice, but I’m pretty unsociable on planes. I’ll say hello to the person next to me, and then completely ignore them for the rest of the flight. I’ll ruthlessly scope out a better seat or empty row if I can, and then I like to set up my little home: I’ll get out all my essentials (lip balm, hand sanitizer, moisturiser, eye mask, book, scarf), put on my comfy plane clothes and settle in. I try to sleep but often fail, but love that it’s an excuse to spend hours catching up on movies I haven’t seen yet, and unashamedly re-watching embarrassing rom-coms and Disney films.
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