Last week I gave you some top-notch reasons why Campervans are cool. ┬áThis week it’s only fair I flip the coin to the other side of the argument (y’know, in the interest of journalistic integrity ‘n all) to bring you some reasons why Campervans are not cool.

As fantastic as it is having the freedom to gallivant around a country with your homely belongings stopping and sleeping as you please, driving a 4-6 metre, 7 tonne home-on-wheels has a few – shall we say – unexpected perils that you may need to mentally (and physically) factor into your planning.

8 Reasons Why Campervans Are Not Cool

1. Because driving at a top speed of 80km/hr gives you a true appreciation of the saying “the world is passing you by”.

2. Because spacial awareness can sometimes be a problem, in particular when it comes to on-coming tree-branches.

3. Because campervans have a turning circle of an air-craft carrier and the aero-dynamics of a roller-skating buffalo.

4. Because they give you plenty of opportunity to perfect the hundred point turn.

5. Because the toilet should only be used in emergencies… Key words: Manual. Dumping.

6. Because poor visibility when driving in a CBD means you get to experience road rage in varying cultural contexts.

9. Because the inside of your van ends up looking like an earthquake hit if the drawers aren’t secured properly and you’re driving down a winding road.

10. Because having to pay twice the parking meter bill (because you’ve taken up 2 car parks in a densely populated area) sucks.