Travelling the world and getting paid for it is like the holy grail of wanderlust. But if you want to travel for work and have something completely unique to write home about then you have to get creative. The following unexpected jobs where you get paid to travel is a little more specialised than your average Au Pair vocation, but I’m sure you’ll pick it up…

Scottish Highlands Pilot

We’re not talking about flying the regular route from Brisbane to Sydney! A Pilot with wanderlust could jet-off and land a job in a place like Barra, Scotland which, according to, has one of the most scenic approaches of anywhere in the world.

Travel Blogger

Ah, the rise of the travel blogger… you’ll work notoriously long hours for frustratingly low-pay (unless you’ve cracked the SEO code)… but it’s all for the love of travel! If I had a dollar for every time somebody hinted I had one of best jobs in the world, or asked me how I make money blogging, I’d be a very rich lady! So maybe I should start billing…

Ski/Snowboard Instructor

From Chamonix to Whistler, an endless winter is a dream lifestyle of many. Some people who grew up on the slopes take the instructor course offered in ski-resorts around the globe to get certified teaching and doing what they love all year round. If gliding through snow on wooden planks is a foreign concept, never fear, you can still travel the winter world as a lift-operator, it just won’t have quite the same chutzpah.

Bicycle Tour Guide in Tuscany

It’s not proper travel without some vino, so why not combine the two fulltime and apply to become a tour guide in the great Italian wine region? You’ll get to brush up on your Chianti and Sangiovese knowledge and you’ll have a perfectly legitimate excuse for becoming a wine-o-holic. Bonus.

Super Yacht Driver/Attendant

Imagine cruising the Caribbean on a spacious floating-mansion, complete with unparalleled views and 5-star amenities. If you’re going to be someone’s lackey, you may as well do it in style on a Super yacht. Of course there’s no 100% guarantee you’ll tend to the boats of the rich and famous, and you’ll actually have to clean those 5-star amenities, but hey, we’d take this over Au Pairing any day!

Monkey Chaser in India

Indeed one of the more quirky job descriptions on this list, some upscale hotels in India require a rare breed of people who’s sole purpose in life is to “shoo” monkeys away from unsuspecting guests. A professional job making sure cute animals don’t steal patron’s biscuits… where do we sign-up?

monkey chaser india

Destination Wedding Photographer

Every couple needs someone to capture their big day, especially if said day is set in an exotic overseas location. Most people want to get to know their photographer first, and will opt to hire one in their home country to travel with them to the wedding, rather than hire one based at their destination-of-choice. It’s a win/win for everyone.


Channel your best Indiana Jones and study archaeology at University. These history geeks get to travel to remote locations of the Earth to recover and preserve past human cultures.

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