Today was a good day. While rummaging around some old boxes I cams across my Dad’s old hand-me-down instant camera – another to add to my growing camera collection. It was a total “hello old friend” moment, as my mind excitedly sped away from me thinking about the unique possibilities of documenting an industry so heavily reliant on new experiences and technology with something so, how shall I say… ancient.

Brain explosions aside, it’s a universal truth that the best travel tales are all about telling a unique story not only with words, but with images too.

So in an attempt to bring you something a little bit different, A Modern Wayfarer is going old-school (at least for a little while) and to bring you the newest travel stories with an old instant camera.

I’ll leave you with a couple of Polaroid shots that I took from when I was in Thailand last year.

The nostalgia is coming on strong…

thailand koh phi phi polaroid

thailand palm trees polaroid