In little over 24 hours, my Dog Poppy and I will be dousing ourselves in essential travel oils, donning our best black leggings and climbing behind the wheel of my trusty V-Dub to commence the long and arduous road-trip up the Newell Highway from Melbourne to Brisbane. My car is nearly exploding with boxes, bags, paintings and all sorts of random paraphernalia, but these key road trip essentials will be sitting pretty by my side incase of emergency.

Here are some modern road-trip essentials that you simple cannot live without when taking on the roads for long periods:

1. Essential Travel Oils – I don’t drink coffee, so the next best thing for keeping me awake at the wheel are these babies from Aromatherapy Associates.  ‘Revive’ is infused with peppermint and citrus oils while ‘Relax’ includes lavender to de-wire you from staring at the road all day. Simply dab them on your pulse points as you would any perfume and let the scent invigorate or comfort you.

2. Sunglasses – Whether it’s sunny or overcast, your eyes are going to get pretty tired from squinting, so pop on some sunglasses to combat the wrinkles.

3. Tyre Gauge – You never know what condition the inland highways will be in so a tyre gauge is a must. It not only guards against unexpected blowouts but saves money on fuel too (by telling you when to inflate).

4. Nuts/Snacks – Keep the hunger pangs at bay by keeping some healthy nuts or snacks within easy reach.

5. Eye Drops – Staring at a road for countless hours straight can do a number on your eyes, especially with the air-conditioner/heater blaring. Eye drops will fix this quick sharp.

6. Hand Sanitiser – Guaranteed you will use this at least 5 times per day on your road trip, for anything and everything.

7.  First Aid Kit – You never know when you might need a band-aid or three.

8. Good Tunes – This goes without saying, music is the number one cure for boredom when on the road.

9. Lip Balm – Keep your lips hydrated with some Paw Paw ointment.

10. Water – Drink plenty of water (but not too much or you’ll be stopping on the hour looking for a bathroom)

11. Comfy Driving Clothes – Because nobody wants to drive in a skirt!


Yoga Mat – Long haul drives aren’t the easiest on muscles. Unravel your yoga mat during lunch and stretch out those muscles

 Tissues and Wet Ones – You never know when these will come in handy!

 Electronic Car Charger – Nowadays, most cars are equipped with USB ports for your iphone/ipad, but what about those other gadgets? Keep them charged with an adaptor that plugs into the car lighter system.

 Plastic Bag – Keep a plastic bag in the front to act as a rubbish bin – you’ll keep the car mess-free and be able to dump it in the bin when you stop for petrol.