So what is a modern gypsy, exactly?

The modern gypsy traveler likes the beautiful and the bespoke, the luxury and the low, but would prefer to stay away from the crowds. They like experiencing things for themselves, but are rarely ever truly alone. The modern gypsy is creative, but they aren’t too airy-fairy. They know what they want and when they want it, but they’re also happy to go with the flow. They want to feel something when they travel.


One emotion is rarely ever enough. The modern gypsy doesn’t take life too seriously, but they like to seize the day. They don’t necessarily work in a creative field, but they enjoy creating meaningful adventures amid the daily grind. They appreciate the little things, but the big things count too. They value authenticity and real social interaction, not just the daily peripherals. The modern gypsy finds fun and fulfilment in the arts – reading, writing, reflecting, people-watching, collecting, taking photos, philosophising (read: solving the world’s problems over a glass of vino), but they also like doing. To them, getting amongst it is important too. But most of all, the modern gypsy enjoys laughing at the absurdity and randomness of people, experiences and daily life…no matter what part of the world they’re in!

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AMW xx