Ibiza, it happened. I’ve finally conquered every ageing party-goers dream of visiting sin city and lived to tell the tales. If you’re not careful, Ibiza could remind you of the cask wine, boob tubes and glow sticks from your Schoolies days. Fancy some tips on how to survive Ibiza with your dignity intact? Sure you do!

SIDENOTE: If you’re an avid traveller like me, you’ll agree that only a couple of places in the world are frightening – war zones for one, Surfer’s Paradise for another, and then there’s this tiny little Spanish Island called Ibiza. If I’m honest, the thought of 24/7 revelry makes me slightly nauseous. It’s not that I’m a Nanna when it comes to partying, but I’m not exactly a dedicated daily club-goer either. I mean I’m in my late twenties, common. And between the quizzical looks, raised eyebrows and fist-pumps from friends after informing them of my crazy summer travel plans, I must admit I was a little more than intrigued. Would Ibiza be a dirty cesspit of full-time hedonists like so many people describe? Would I get the opportunity to have some good, clean fun and a (somewhat) classy time during my visit or would it be a veritable la-la-land of sex, drugs and ‘fully sick’ house music?

Well, as my trip draws to an end and I lay here reflecting on my experience while sipping on Sangria I may need to take out a small loan for, I can say that Ibiza definitely lives up to its reputation – good and bad. It’s a party-lovers paradise, this much is true, but the type of party entirely depends on you. So if you’re thinking about braving the circus ensure your type of party is the best it can be with my tips on how to
survive Ibiza below.

How To Survive Ibiza

1. It’s all about the pre-drinks

Ibiza might be the global party capital, but it’s also the global capital for
over-priced drinks. I swear you’d think the cocktails were made of juiced gold
by the prices bars/clubs charge. Give your wallet a much-needed break and down
the social-lubricants before you go.

2. Know before you go 

Before booking flights or accommodation, check out Ibizaspotlight.com for their band, DJ and party calendar highlighting all the big venues and play times. There’s nothing
worse than leaving gigs until the last minute and missing out entirely.

3. Don’t forget to eat 

Luckily, a late night drunken kebab is still a thing half way across the world!

4. Fork out the cash for a day bed at a beach club

It might seem a little steep at the time, but a cocktail jug is usually included and if you get in early, you’ll have a whole day for sinful pleasures. Try the new Nikki Beach in San Antonio (pictured).

5. Bring a posse to share the costs 

The bigger the gang you travel with, the less expensive everything becomes. Think
of the most expensive cab/accommodation/cocktails and entry fees you’ve ever paid, and then times that by three. Yeah, you get the idea. Ibiza is not a place for solo travel, and if you are going on your lonesome make sure you befriend a heap of people and stick with them for the rest of your stay.

6. Embrace the weirdos

But not literally. For the most part, people in Ibiza look out for one another, but at some stage you’re bound to come in contact with a shady character or two. Just keep your wits about you, always be polite and move on.

7. Spend the money on the super clubs

And book tickets in advance. Don’t leave Ibiza without checking out Ushuaia and Pacha, they’re institutions and you’ll kick yourself if you miss out.

8. Actually swim 

Ibiza has some beautiful beaches and bays. Wake-up early and cure the hangover with a dip in the turquoise waters of Las Salinas or Cala Salada.

9. Make sure you’re hotel has air-conditioning

Take it from me, you don’t want to end up with make-up sliding off your face because you forgot to check the amenities in your Airbnb accomodation. Rookie error.

how to survive ibiza nikki beach

how to survive ibiza

AMW xx