Let me ask you a question ladies and gents: When was the last time you jetted-off on vacation to a new and exotic paradise, only to come back home weeks later just as tired and jaded as you left? Kind of ironic isn’t it – to need a holiday after your holiday – but it happens. It’s a real thing. In fact, so many of us spend an inordinate amount of time researching and diarising our trips before we’ve even departed our offices that we tend to create an itinerary on crack. We over-plan and over-commit ourselves to all sorts of tours, dinners, experiences, galleries, day-trips, train-trips, boat-trips and hotel stays every.single.day. Why stay still in Rome when there’s Florence and Sicily to explore? Hell! May as well hop on over to Santorini while we’re at it, it’s only a boat-ride away! Sound familiar?

We just can’t seem to turn the travel FOMO off, and it’s all rather exhausting. Nobody in their right minds wants to run the travel equivalent of the Boston marathon, so here are 4 of my favourite ways to ensure you don’t need a holiday after your holiday!

How To Ensure You Don’t Need A Holiday After Your Holiday

1. Time x Travel; cut a compromise

Try to stay in one city for at least 3 full days. No ifs or buts. And yes, incase you were wondering, this excludes travel time. How are you supposed to see, let alone immerse yourself in a place if you leave just as soon as you arrive? They say it takes at least a week to scratch the surface of a city you’re traveling too. I know what you’re thinking, in the age of limited holiday leave and busy schedules ain’t nobody got time for that! So let’s cut a compromise and eschew the week in favour of 3 whole days of wonderment. If you play your cards right, you’ll get a feel for the city without becoming too wearied in the process.

holiday after your holiday

2. Plan a ‘Lay-Day’

For every week you are on the go, plan a 24-hour “rest-day” where the most you’ll do is walk to the local coffee joint and sit, sip and people watch.

3. Minimize jet-lag – the double-drag down effect

Avoid setting yourself up for exhaustion before you’ve even started. Minimize a jet lag induced coma from your flight to a foreign land (which will drag on and on and on and only make you twice as tired when you go back home) with these steps on new ways to reduce jet lag.

4. Eat-Well, Sleep-Well

We all fall headfirst down the rabbit-hole of over-indulgence when on holidays, but if you try to do your best to maintain a regular eating/sleeping routine you’re body will thank you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for trying the local-fare, but try not to pig-out every single moment of every single day or that saccharine high from experiencing another place (or was it from those 486045 macaroons you just scoffed down?) will quickly become a post-travel low.