What was once the wonderland of retirees, motor-homing is seeing a massive resurgence among us gen y-ers, especially with the range of vehicle options available to suit all budgets. As I take on New Zealand in my ginormous Apollo Camper, I am happy (and slightly shocked) to report that I am a fan of driving holidays, and the following reasons are why camper vans are cool.

[SIDENOTE]  It’s important to remember when you’re travelling in a camper van you’re effectively the human equivalent of a turtle  – cue appropriate turtle/hare analogies here. You can’t go much faster than a glacial pace (about 70km/hour MAX). BUT how is that not the perfect combo for a holiday centred around driving and exploring the countryside? There’s something very modern, very nomadic about this type of holiday choice. Ok, glad we got that over and done with.

Why camper vans are cool Milford Sound

8 Reasons Why Camper Vans Are Cool

1. Because it’s your own boutique hotel on wheels fitted with all the mod cons (tv, fridge, bathroom, microwave, DVD player) for a fun self-sufficient holiday.

2. Because your giant cement brick of a suitcase comes with you wherever you go – but YOU don’t have to lug it to the next location every. single. day.

3. Because you have the freedom to go off-grid without keeping to a rigid holiday itinerary.

4. Because you don’t have to worry about finding a bed ‘n breakfast after a long day driving and sight-seeing, or that you’ll find yourself living your own version of a Hitchcock film.

5. Because who doesn’t need to hone their driving skills on the skinny streets of an urban city?

6. Because when you’re sitting up that high in the drivers seat it feels like you’re the king of the world (or at the very least, normal cars are a bit scared of you).

7. Because you can spend the night in the middle of a vineyard for free and treat it as your own personal cellar door. (sign-up for oktostay.com for New Zealand locations)

8. Because it’s better than hitch-hiking… because that shit ain’t cool!

AMW xx