A Modern Gypsy likes to plan, but never over-prepares.

They value holiday spontaneity over strategizing.  They don’t feel the need to painstakingly plot every single intricate pre-holiday detail, right down to the cab ride from the airport! Sure, an imaginative traveler is well researched and versed on what to see and do in a city (after all, pre-trip planning is nearly half the fun), but these culture-hunters live for spur of the moment experiences and won’t baulk at diving headfirst into the unknown!

A Modern Gypsy likes to curate a mix of high and low-brow travel.

Motorcycling the fish-markets, grabbing a graffiti street-art tour and sipping some cocktails at a rooftop bar – it’s all in a days work for the imaginative traveler. They like to alternate between a Michelin-star rated fine-dining establishment one night to a street vendor the next! They love a bit of luxury, but can get real with the rest of them (and have got the mix down to a fine art)!

A Modern Gypsy values unique and experiential accommodation.

You’ll find them scouring Airbnb for the next edgy homestay or scrolling Tablethotels.com for the newest luxe-design hotel. If you’re on a citywide hunt for them don’t dare look at the big, boring chain resorts. Imaginative Travelers crave personality in line with the culture. You might find them at an Anantara or a W, but they could just as easily be at a little boutique hotel up a creative artsy lane.

Stefanie Acworth modern gypsy traveler

A Modern Gypsy focuses on depth, not breadth.

To them, each city isn’t just another notch on their Trip Adviser belt. They take their time experiencing the personality of a place. And if time is of the essence, then they hone in on one particular aspect and experience it to the fullest. Skimming is not an option for them. An imaginative traveler is cool with having an excuse to go back for a “next time”.

A Modern Gypsy seeks authenticity in everything.

They like to soak up the little things when they travel. They notice the smells, the food, the way people greet one another, their mannerisms and expressions and the way the sun sets over the horizon. An imaginative traveler wants to see some real authentic culture and file these memories in their hearts and minds for later.  They want to be challenged, they want to feel something in a new city or place. They want to step outside their comfort zone and wander beyond the guidebooks.

The Modern Gypsy takes the bumps in their stride.

They accept that travel isn’t always smooth-sailing. Turbulence is bound to happen- both inside the plane and out! Flight-delays, stolen passports, booking stuff-ups and getting lost can really put a dampener on a day. But it’s all a learning experience. So, after the anger subsides and the dust has settled, the Imaginative Traveler picks themselves up and puts things into perspective. They chalk it up to adventure and just get on with their holiday!

AMW xx