You’re at your desk, freezing your arse off while your mates are in Europe being all hashtag #blessed. The struggle is real. If you see any more images of perfect yacht sunsets on social media you may just pull a Ferris Bueller and hightail it outta there. You tell yourself there’s no way in hell you’re going to miss out on a European yacht trip in 2017. But where should you go and more importantly, who should you do the sail with? Choosing your friends should be the easy part (unless you want to go with your partner – which is possible too), but when it comes to European yacht companies you need to do some research and choose the best fit for you!

You’ve heard the, let’s say, interesting stories about sail companies cramming dozens upon dozens of early twenty-somethings on a budget boat while they get trolleyed 24/7, turn the decks into sud-slides and share one bathroom between ten. Maybe that was even you a few year ago… yeah you know who you are (I was one of them)! And as fun as that was when you were 24, you kind of want something a little less cray cray.

You’ve also seen some yacht charters with eight people per boat and a private skipper (a little bit more your style these days), but there’s a catch – you have to take all of your food with you onboard! Oh, and you have to cook and clean too. Not exactly holiday territory – especially when you don’t save all that much money buying your own supplies and doing chores!

The solution? Yacht Getaways – one of the few premium European yacht charters taking late-twenty-to-forty-something groups of luxury adventurers around the crystal clear azure waters of Croatia, Greece and Turkey. Still not convinced? Here’s another 5 reasons why you should go sailing with Yacht Getaways:

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Go it alone or get a group together…

The great thing about going sailing with Yacht Getaways is you can grab a whole bunch of friends, hire your own private skippered boat (or 2, or 3) and be the Captain Cook of your own adventure (literally) for seven whole days. No pressure and only a loose daily itinerary agreed upon by the group in conjunction with the skipper. Alternatively, you can book one of Yacht Getaways’ weekly trips with a friend or lover and hang with other likeminded travellers for the week. You’ll make some incredible-lasting friendships with your fellow sailors and make memories of a lifetime.

Yacht Getaway Skipper’s are absolute pros…

They are the best in the biz – no joke. It would be hard not to reference Jeanie’s comment from Aladdin: “Your wish is my command” in this particular circumstance. The Yacht Getaway skipper’s aren’t your average boat captains. They are also culinary genius’ catering to any food allergies no matter how outlandish. They are personal chaperones making sure each of their ‘crew’ is happy and safe at all times. They are tour guides answering never-ending itinerary questions and informing you about the history of islands and hikes. They are first-aid fixers of people’s cuts from that one time they were drunk in a Hvar Island Nightclub and walked on glass (*cough not me, noooo*). They are sail instructors teaching how to tie-knots and throw anchors. And on top of all this they are just generally nice people.

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Gourmet food included and prepared for you…

Speaking of catering to all dietary requirements… Breakfast and Lunch is included when you go sailing with Yacht Getaways, and it’s cooked on board by the skipper (refer above re. culinary skills) so there’s no need to buy any extra food. Incase you’re fobbing this off as your basic, run-of-the-mill continental breaky or club sandwich lunch, you should probably think again. The meals are full, eat-as-much-as-you-want scrambled eggs, muesli, toast, fresh fruit, spreads, percolated coffee, ham, yoghurt breakfasts and beautiful fresh Mediterranean seafoods, meats, salads, pasta and hot vegetables for lunch. Makes me salivate just thinking about it.

The boats are bigger than normal..

Yacht Getaways boats are double-hull Catamaran’s – which means there’s more room on the upper and lower deck than the single hulled boats belonging to other sail companies. The double rooms are larger, and instead of being a V-shape (smaller at the head end), the beds are a full rectangle. There’s even room to store hard suitcases under the bed (although I still wouldn’t recommend you bring them). Did I mention the Big Cats have twice the sun-baking room on the deck?

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You don’t need to know how to sail…

With sailing comes serious sun-baking and relaxation. And if you’re one of those people who like to take it easy on your vacations, Yacht Getaways will optimise your chill time by 100%. But if you want to learn how to sail then your Skipper is more than happy to teach you! You might not be ready for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race after the week on the water but you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference between a reef and a clove-hitch knot.

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Sailing with Yacht Getaways – Basic Information


The Croatia Explorer Route ranges from £540 to £800 for the week, depending on the time of year you’d like to go.

What is Included:

  • Seven nights and seven days on-board your own yacht or catamaran
  • Breakfast and lunch freshly prepared by your Skipper daily
  • Welcome drinks and canapés
  • Learn to sail with your RYA Yacht Master Skipper
  • Stand Up Paddleboards on every yacht
  • Port Fees, fuel costs, linen and end of week cleaning

Itinerary Highlights:

  • Spot dolphins off postcard-pretty Scedro island
  • Moor in secluded coves inaccessible to motorised boats
  • Explore famous national park Mljet
  • Feast on fresh seafood in a picturesque harbour konoba
  • Unesco Listed Stari Grad – home to its excellent local vineyards
  • Korcula Town’s unique architecture and history
  • Explore Dubrovnik’s majestic citadel

The Catamarans:

“Exclusively presented for our Explorer routes is our fleet of modern catamarans, launched between 2008 and 2016 they are ideally suited for up to 8 guests. Choose the catamaran perfect for your trip and enjoy a home away from home on your sailing holiday. These yachts have been specially selected to offer you a stylish and spacious accommodation, with all the comforts you can expect during your holiday.”

  • Modern, spacious accommodation for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation
  • Generous indoor and outdoor areas so you can sit back and relax on your trip – perfect to top up your tan and sunset cocktails!
  • Separate accommodation provided for your crew

AMW xx

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Stefanie was hosted by Yacht Getaways on a sail in Croatia during July 2016. As always, she’s keeping it real and all opinions are her own.