So I caught some of the Thredbo Ski Season action on the new GoPro Hero 3 Camera. Hope you enjoy.

“Many people travel the world to go skiing without ever knowing that it is not skiing that they are after. Skiing is a great excuse to go somewhere, but maybe it gets a little too much attention? To travel is to notice the world as it turns. Let skiing be your guide, but not your Master. Loosen your grip, put down your itinerary, ignore Google, take a moment to look around, and don’t rush, because the surest way to catch a train is to miss the one before it.” – Chris Booth.

This is the very first short-video from the shiny new A Modern Wayfarer Youtube Channel. More videos to come every month so make sure you subscribe here to keep up to date!

Thredbo Ski Season Stefanie Acworth