I must admit, when it comes to architecture and design I have eclectic taste. Whether it’s a rustic eco-lodge, a modern/minimal villa, or a canvas cafe in the middle of a rice paddy, when thoughtful and beautiful design blends seamlessly with a travel or hospitality experience it’s kind of the holy grail for me.  So you can imagine how excitable I was when this little nugget of Thailand Coffee Tank love showed up in my inbox the other day. Designed by Secondfloor Architects, a Japan-based firm, this giant yet understated dwelling was constructed in 2015 as a luxury coffee shop near the perimeter of Khao Yai National Park (in Pak Chong, northeastern Thailand), one of Thailand’s must-see destinations.

The project affectionately known as ‘Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank’ was developed to:

 “reflect the existing landscape, using a subtle palette of dark earthly textures, that disclose and mirror the indian mahogany plantation. The delicate nature of the tropical recreation area, provides a harmonious backdrop to the cafe, allowing visitors to relax and unwind within a minimal, understated dwelling.” said Sake Simaraks, a member of the project team.

What I love about this coffee tank structure is it’s ability to blend in with its surroundings despite being high design. It’s almost at odds with the lush, tropical location yet the muted colours completely compliment the environment. It’s open-air courtyard is my favourite bit – it’s as if the dark walls surrounding the enclosure are framing nature and its elements like a work of art.

yellow submarine thailand coffee tank

yellow submarine thailand coffee tank

yellow submarine thailand coffee tank

Thailand Coffee Tank General Information:

Website: https://www.facebook.com/yellowsubmarinecoffee
Opening House:
9am-7pm weekdays

Thailand Coffee Tank Project Info:

Location: khaoyai, nakhon ratchasima, thailand
Completion: 2015
Area: 300 sqm
Architect: secondfloor architects
Architect team: sake simaraks, presert ananthayanont, suebsai jittakasem, nutt la-iad-on, jatuphon wangsong
Engineer: picharn rojratsirikul
Contractor: worapot noinue
Photography: ketsiree wongwan

AMW xx


Images via Design Boom, and captured by Ketsiree Wongwan.