Last week I brought you 6 Reasons Why Sailing Croatia with Med Experience was one of the best travel experiences of my life. I also promised to bring you a day by day account of what really goes on during one of these holidays, as written by two of my favorite boat-buddies, Ellie and Ryan. These two are one of the cutest couples I know. They are from Australia but currently living in England while Ryan does a stint teaching at a very uppity boys private school. Over the next week I will be transcribing their daily Med Experience diary (they take it in turns to write every other day) on AMW. 

Sailing Croatia with Med Experience: A Diary, Day 3…


A very shaky start to the day today, but still managed a quick run to the shops to find hangover food consisting of ham and cheese rolls and frosty cold cans of coke. A quick dip in the nearby beach with Erin gave me the strength to face said food, but even then as we set sail and sat on the foredeck to eat it, I suffered sandwich guilt as I could only manage the first half. After apologizing profusely to the sandwich, we agreed it was best for all concerned that we bag the leftovers, else I feed the fishies.

The rest of the morning was spent lazing at a shallow swim-spot in a popular-ish looking bay with a big stone chateau on the shore. After the night we’d had this was strictly a Li-Lo affair, and all boats combined their inflatable sea-craft to create a total floating armada of mayhem (complete with the lad’s water-guns). Lots of sunbaking and on-deck naps were had until we reached Korcula. We had a few hours to kill until our 6.30pm cabs to the old town (which were actually booked for 6.40pm.. clever Greta!) so Ryan and I strolled along the shore aimlessly for some more comfort-food. My emotional-fragility from one-too many drinks the night before combined with my shuffling thongs almost cut the trip short until I was fed some ice-cream (medicinal, of course).

Turbo showers and prettifying sessions were had by the girls on deck before we all hopped in our cabs to the old town of Korcula. Our recommended sunset bar was too full (although I reckon we could have squeezed in but the annoying waiter wouldn’t have it! Instead, as far as I’m concerned, we upgraded our position to the nearby sea-wall with takeaway beers to watch the beautiful sunset we had heard so much about. This is where Bruce’s sudden appearance bumped him up a notch on the stalker scale! We left our nice little possie on the stone wall and made for a cute will seafood joint for dinner, enjoying squid and mussels.

Stephi, Ryan and I were the only ones from our boat keen on the planned nighttime activities which began at 10pm at Dos Locos. We had been pre-warned of the temping stripper pole on the dance floor, and the hidden camera projecting a scratchy night-vision-goggles view of the poor schleps who tried it out into the huge wall outside in the square. A group of us attempted a flash-mob in-betweeners dance we was caught on film, and only in subsequent viewings did we notice that there were people mooning in the background (no one from our flotilla of course, we’re much too class for that!).

Ryan’s jaw hit the floor when he recognised Greta, all dolled up looking like Zooey Deschanel. I was reluctantly poured into a waiting cab to drive us up the island to infamous Boogie Jungle, only to perk up when a Guns and Roses song came onto the stereo (Sweet Child of Mine to be exact) and at least from my perspective, we rode the roller-coaster up to the next club. From here the night gets a bit hazy, except for meeting a funny bloke called Sam who bizarrely and yet correctly guessed Ryan’s name, then told us his neighbours name is Ellie Ryan. I also spent the night cock-blocking all the lads, and catching up with Bianca and Kelly (who were on another boat) from out Albania trip. 

Med Experience Diary Ellie and Ryan