A couple of weeks ago I brought you 6 Reasons Why Sail Croatia Med Experience was one of the best travel experiences of my life. I also promised to bring you a day by day account of what really goes on during one of these holidays, as written by two of my favorite boat-buddies, Ellie and Ryan. These two are one of the cutest couples I know. They are from Australia but currently living in England while Ryan does a stint teaching at a very uppity boys private school. Over the next week I will be transcribing their daily Med Experience diary (they take it in turns to write every other day) on AMW. 

Sailing Croatia with Med Experience: A Diary, Day 7:


We awoke to the sound of knocking on the door, I got up and prepared myself for a teary farewell but was soon disorientated by the news that Stephy still wasn’t back and that Stef was unfortunately leaving without her as she had a work transfer on the other end. After reassurances that “she’s done this before”, we said a teary goodbye to Stef and went about the final pack and clean-up of Jubilo, with intermittent goodbyes from other parting crew.

With one eye on the clock, we all knew the moment that Stephy would be too late to catch her flight… and it came and went with still no sign of her. At long last she rang (having slept right through her alarms after falling asleep in a hotel room belonging to some of the girls from the other boat who had departed the tour early, which coincidentally, was within walking distance of the club they had frequented the night before)! By this time she had well and truly missed her flight, but at least we knew she was safe. Final farewells with tips to both Greta and Jacks, then Erin, Olivia, Ryan and I lugged our gear to the water taxi stand.

Fortunately the delay in Stephy getting back meant we were able to catch her, flustered and teary eyed, before we left. The heat and heaviness of our bags meant that Ryan and I were happy to pay for a taxi to the airport, it also meant we got to spend some final precious moments with the girls drowning in cuddles, expressions of love and goodbyes. As we hopped in the taxi and stared out window, only barely taking notice of the fact we appeared to be driving in a large circular tour of Split before suddenly (when we had all but given up hope) we arrived at the airport and checked in.

We then battled one last time with Croatian hospitality, hoping to spend out last 21 Kuna on a can of coke (which was actually, and unfortunately 25 Kuna). We lost the battle and settled on a chocolate bar instead.

As we boarded the plane, and settled in for the three-hour journey back to our digs in England, it occurred to us that this sailing experience really was a trip of a lifetime!

Med Experience Diary Ellie and Ryan