A couple of weeks ago I brought you 6 Reasons Why Sail Croatia Med Experience was one of the best travel experiences of my life. I also promised to bring you a day by day account of what really goes on during one of these holidays, as written by two of my favorite boat-buddies, Ellie and Ryan. These two are one of the cutest couples I know. They are from Australia but currently living in England while Ryan does a stint teaching at a very uppity boys private school. Over the next week I will be transcribing their daily Med Experience diary (they take it in turns to write every other day) on AMW. 

Sail Croatia Med Experience: A Diary, Day 5… Vis-a-Vis


Oh how quiet the boat was today, all we could manage was smiles and sympathetically hushed voices except when re-telling a particularly funny story from the night before. The tales were many, and repeated often, sometimes due to there being a particular highlight, but mostly owing to the need to fill in each person as we emerged from the bed, one by one.

During the morning at around 11.30am there was a distinct lull in the conversation, when at last the leftover drunkenness had passed and the hangover kicked in we all started to feel very green. Jacksa, our Skipper, insisted that we needed to swim “right now”! because he couldn’t bare our uncharacteristic silence. So we threw the fender out once more and perked the hell up!

Our arrival into Vis went relatively unnoticed, so many were sleeping. We barely even managed a proper look around town that afternoon, however Erin, Steph and Stef found what they deemed to be the best pizza they’d ever eaten. A big call, and I wasn’t really sure whether it was the leftover drunkenness talking.

Vis Croatia best pizaa

Even a medicinal ice-cream could not cure this formidable hangover.

Some hours passed and the boat became restless. Jacksa was more than happy to grant our wish of a beach visit – with no walking mind you.  So we dinghy’d across the bay to a pebbly beach were we learnt about Jacksa’s (interesting) taste in music and played with sea urchin’s – “they move!”

Back on Jubilo, we were really struggling with the idea of going out to see the town. Apparently we missed our chance to visit a submarine base and a castle fort (with a bar) accessible to other crews who hired scooters. We did a whole lot of people watching off the stern as we were moored up to the main drag. Highlights included many happy dogs (one that carried groceries and another doing epic photo-bombs) and also wacky-walked-woman, who was either practicing for the runway, or had some kind of chiropractic posture problem. She appeared like a rare-sighting bird, always heading round and round in the same direction. Perhaps she was doing entire laps of the island? The hilarious thing is that each of the boats caught glimpses of her, and when someone brought her up we knew exactly who they were talking about. It was quite the spectacle, broken only when one of the girls on another boat did a perfectly hilarious impersonation of her gazelle-like stride.

At last we were coming out the other side of a very dark day, and even managed a bit of a wine and cheese session in the late afternoon on another boat. It was an early night for many, relative to most of our other nights when we arrived home somewhere between the witching hour and daylight. I did venture out with some other guys to try and reach the fort bar, but the weather forecast meant they didn’t open on this night. Feeling I had to justify my 5-second wardrobe-change and gussy-up, we settled for Bebe Bar for a round of beers before my body told me enough was enough, go get your ass to bed. 

Med Experience Diary Ellie and Ryan