The Great Ocean Road curves around the cliffs as if it were a sea serpent. An impossibly black, endlessly long sea serpent glistening in the unrelenting sun.  This is one of the world’s most famous coastal routes, a dizzying drive in Southern Victoria which hugs sky-high rocks vertically colliding with the ocean below. A drive where the laid-back and rugged landscapes melt into the ferocious, turquoise waters of the Pacific.

Road Trip Great Ocean Road: An Introduction

Who To Take: Take your friends, your lover or your family. From secluded and romantic to beachy and fun, you can have any type of trip on the Great Ocean Road.

Where Is It, Exactly: The Great Ocean Road drive technically commences in Torquay along Victoria’s Surf Coast (approximately a two hour drive South-East of Melbourne), travelling 243 kilometres past hot spots like Bells Beach, Lorne and Apollo Bay and ends in Warnambool. From start to finish it’s about a four hour drive but I think the best bit is the stretch between Lorne and Apollo Bay (approximately 2 hours). Add on a lot more time to stop and explore.

When To Go: Whenever you have the time and inclination to take an escape. Fires burn in winter and breezes blow in Summer. You catch my drift. The unique landscapes stay the same but try to go on clear, sunny days if you want to witness the best vistas! These happen mostly in summer and spring.

How To Do It: A self-drive tour is the best way to experience the road in order to explore the spectacular scenery and seaside towns at your pace and leisure (if you’re from out-of-town just remember to drive on the left hand side of the road).


Road Trip Great Ocean Road Lorne Memorial Sign

road trip Great Ocean Road

Road Trip Great Ocean Road – Know Before You Go

  • Make sure you leave yourself enough time to not only witness the spectacular scenery but also to experience the townships that dot the drive. Travel along the hills of Cape Otway for some great views, explore the Great Ocean Road Walk, Take a dip in the beach at Lorne and watch the sun go down at Fairhaven Pub.
  • Two or Three Days is enough. If you’re going on a weekender make sure you book your accommodation in advance, especially in summer. Don’t get caught out turning up in a town at sundown hoping to “wing it” with a BnB because chances are they will be sold out by then!
  • The Twelve Apostles, which are now really the seven Apostles, aren’t going to be the highlight of your trip. I’ll probably get jinxed for saying that. Of course the vista is beautiful and breathtaking but so is the entire drive! Moral of the story: if you don’t make it to the Twelve Apostles don’t beat yourself up about it.
  • If you are intending to camp, make sure you go in Summer, Spring or Autumn. If you camp in Winter you may just turn into a popsicle.

road trip great ocean road twelve apostles victoria

road trip Great Ocean Road sign

road trip great ocean road Lorne

road trip great ocean road Above Lorne

 Visit Great Ocean Road is a one-stop shop for any other information you could ever need about The Great Ocean Road. Happy driving.

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