Venturing inside Airbnb HQ in San Francisco California is certainly a trip! The undisputed leader in facilitating meaningful international connections between the hosts of distinctive rentals and travellers seeking to ‘live like a local’ while away from home is definitely progressive when it comes to office space. And why not? For a web-platform that offers accommodation for people looking to rent the fuselage of a plane, a treehouse or even an igloo, it’s only natural that their office reflects the imagination and eccentricity of all who are involved with the site.

inside airbnb hq

The tech start-up, which was originally housed in one of the apartments of founders Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk has since grown into an office consisting of a modest 37, 000 square feet of pure creativity, warmth and a dash of the exotic.

Jenna Cushnew, Head of Ground Control for Airbnb, who worked with Interior Design Fair to create the space, describes it as personifying the company’s values: open, creative, relaxed and slightly unassuming. For example, the office contains quiet, special places for contemplation, reflection and meetings.

“We view the Airbnb office as our listing. We are the hosts and focus all our energy and attention on hospitality; making sure every experience is unique and personal and every employee and guest feels welcome, appreciated, and important,” she said.

The guests who are lucky enough to visit the headquarters are in for a treat. Most meeting ‘spaces’ are inspired by Airbnb’s more eclectic listings, with designs replicated to an almost precise degree. This adds a certain ‘home-away-from-home’ vibe to the space, which is quite ironic for the headquarters of a site where people rent out their homes to visitors. The Mushroom Dome, which greets guests and employees on their way in, is an excellent example of Airbnb’s office design aesthetic. The Mushroom Dome was among the first of the ‘high rotation’ listings on the site, and one of the more novel, as you can see below. Other Airbnb office meeting ‘spaces’ showcase unique listings from San Francisco, Hong Kong and Berlin.

Inside Airbnb HQ: The Reception and Walkway Are Inspired by ‘The Mushroom Dome’, Airbnb’s First Listing

Inside Airbnb HQ

Airbnb Actual Listing:

Mushroom Dome Cabin, Aptos CA

Inside Airbnb HQ: The Meeting Room Inspired by ‘Berlin Artist Apartment’

inside airbnb hq

Airbnb Actual Listing:

inside airbnb hq

“We are building the most creative place on earth,” admits Gebber, one of the co-founders.

“Our office design directly reflects our culture of collaboration, possibility and excellent craft. The space attracts world-class talent who wish to do the best work of their life. From the front desk to the food, the office glows with creativity.”

I think Cushnew and Gebber are onto something. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Airbnb HQ  ‘meeting spaces’ were posted as vacation listings over the Christmas holidays for you and I to stay!

   inside airbnb hq

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Images via Airbnb
Featured Image via Phillipines LikeTimes