Airstreams are to pensioners what backpacks are to twenty-somethings. So what happens when you invert the two?

These trusty silver bullets are no longer playing centre stage in the archetypal post-retirement cross-country trip, or any sort of trip for that matter… okay, maybe that kinda trip might be on the cards. Indeed, the old aluminium airstream has been given a good old hipster makeover and they’re the next big thing in retro-modern travel stays.

It’s true, some of the Airstreams below don’t actually move, so rolling desert landscapes and roadside attractions should be thrown out the proverbial window. But with their eclectic designer insides and kick-ass surroundings they would make an awesome pad for just about anyone! And they’re not too horrible on the environment either.

The following list shows my top five Airstream picks on Airbnb. They vary from the quirky, luxurious and downright weird, but all have one thing in common: their creators, whether hobbyists or professionals, have lovingly restored these trailers to their former glory.

Best Airstreams on Airbnb

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The Atlantic Airstream, Byron Bay AUSTRALIA

Glamping Airstream, Andalucia SPAIN

Dixie Daisy Airstream, Wimberley TEXAS

Airstream Safari, Venice CALIFORNIA

The Grand Daddy Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park, Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA



All imagery from Airbnb
Feature Image via Alicia Taylor,