I’d just like to put it out there that if, by some serendipitous universal occurrence, Prince Charming swept me off my feet and proposed to me tomorrow, I’d seriously consider having the ceremony, reception (and probably the honeymoon too) inside one of the seven exquisitely lush clifftop villas at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort.

But you see I’ve identified a bit of a problem. Apart from the near 100% impossibility of receiving a marriage proposal tomorrow, calling the lodgings “villas” is a a gross understatement. These breathtakingly stylish spaces overlooking the turquoise waves of the Bukit Peninsular below are more like magnificent Balinese mansions. They are gigantic in every sense of the word. Each unique architecturally-designed “villa” (in inverted commas) at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort is a minimum of 2300 square metres and utilises about 30 metres of cliff frontage. That’s nearly an entire tennis court-length of glorious ocean vista. And just when you thought there was enough blue-hued surrounds, to top it all off, each “villa” has a 25 metre infinity-edge pool for you to paddle the days away sipping mojitos and gazing longingly at the spectacular sunsets in the distance. All “villas” are double level, and each room has a beautifully white-washed granite bathroom with open-air shower and generous bathtub. Each “villa” also has a gorgeously decorated private dining room, formal lounge and a media room to watch the latest films in the evening when you have heat stroke from baking on the lounges all day. There’s even some perfectly manicured lawn left over for late-night shenanigans, should you decide to bring your entire possy along for the stay.

The “villas” at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort also include a butler, chef, housekeeping staff and a car and driver for 12 hours a day. These are the people that will cater to your every whim and make your stay even more special. You can pre-order groceries before you arrive or just liaise with the chef to see what his specialities are…

But back to me and my Prince Charming’s future wedding locale…

Want to know the good news? One of the five bedroom “villas” was exclusively me and my plus one’s throughout our stay. No one sharing the pool or the wet-bar (except maybe our private butler) and yes, you did hear right… we had five bedrooms to the two of us! My first thought was we wouldn’t have enough nights to test out all the bedrooms! And then I saw the master living quarters. Once I witnessed the suite’s beachy-kitch hampton’s-esque style and private infinity plunge pool overlooking the ocean, I knew there was no way we’d be playing musical bedrooms. My second thought was something along the lines of how good travel blogging is when you land a place like this and my third thought? Well, my third thought was how excited I was to test the bomb-diving capabilities of the pool…BOTH of them (always staying classy). And let me tell you, dear friends, those sentiments were just about the only ones playing on repeat in my mind throughout the stay. Oh, and also how awesome their private day club – Finn’s Beach Club was. You can read about my adventures on Ungasan Beach and Finn’s Beach Club here.

By now you can probably understand why I could imagine an intimate multi-day wedding at one of the Semara Resort private “villas”, or indeed a celebration decked-out under fairy-lights in the casually elegant Selatan Restaurant or the beautifully landscaped reception and relaxation area which, surprise surprise, also overlooks the white-sandy Ungasan beach below. If you and your loved one are feeling the romantic vibe, check out the Ungasan Clifftop Resort Wedding page here. There’s a couple of gorgeous galleries from real weddings in there too. You can actually hire out the entire resort comfortably accommodating up to 70 people in pure unadulterated luxury.

semara villa resort chintamani pool

semara resort villa view

semara resort villa chintamani view

view from chintamani master bedroom semara

semara resort villa

semara resort villa master bedroom


The Lowdown: The Ungasan Clifftop Resort

 Overwhelming seclusion. Breathtaking luxury.
 Happiness in a hotel.
 Groove Armada ‘At The River’
Couples; Pre-weds; Newly-weds; Families; Milestone Birthday Attendees; Group holidays; Peeps with their Possey’s; Really lucky travel bloggers…
highlights 1
– The sheer size of the “villas”… again, in inverted commas.- Private butler, chef, cinema you name it, you got it.- Free and Unlimited access to Finn’s Beach Club
– Although the friendliness of the staff is unparalleled, the service is a wee bit slow.- These “villas” are the kind of ‘other level’ luxury that can be experienced only with a fair bit of extra $$ to spare.
Complete 5-star luxury. All the mod-cons. Separate air-con, even in bathrooms. In-room cinemas. 2 on-site restaurants, tennis court, private pools, private chef… basically anything you want you can get… just ask!
 From $800 AUD

AMW xx