A little birdy recently told me my all time favourite Moroccan-inspired rental abode and event space, The Riad Byron Bay, went into private ownership. This means no more week-long retreats pretending I’m a literary bohemian in Northern Tangier and certainly no more Pinterest pins on my “wedding inspiration” board. Yes I have a board and I’m not engaged, don’t pretend you don’t either! Anyway I’m a little bit devastated, so to assist in expediting the mourning process I thought I’d gather all the images I have collected of this special oasisĀ and share them with you all! Kind of like a digital shrine to what once was. BYO candles.

Built by an artist and shrouded in legends of parties and weddings worthy of the Great Gatsby himself, The Riad Byron Bay is an architectural smorgasbord of inspiration from Morocco, Bali and Thailand. It’s elegantly bohemian interiors are encased in natural stone and wood that would put any lodging in Marrakech to shame. But perhaps the most unique thing about The Riad is its position, hidden away in a forest so dense it’s hard to imagine you’re in Australia, let alone the Northern Rivers region…

The Riad Byron Bay: A Shrine…

the riad byron bay 9

the riad byron bay

the riad byron bay 2

the riad byron bay 5

the riad byron bay 3

the riad byron bay 6

the riad byron bay 8

the riad byron bay 7


AMW xx