One Eleven Villas is a Bali Hotel I’ve had my eye on for a while. From the first time I scooted past the minimalist timber façade of the reception I was intrigued. With it’s sleek design and unpretentious vibe, One Eleven looked like something special. A quick Google search of the interior further proved my inkling: this ultra-luxury private hideaway set among the hustle and bustle of Petitinget, was indeed somewhere I wanted to stay! Fast-forward three years, and I got my chance! I was lucky enough to spend three days in one of their nine giant villas courtesy of Jetstar Australia. And when I say giant I mean huge – each of their 350sqm villas (which are identical, incase you were wondering) take up so much prime Seminyak Real Estate they are the biggest one-bedroom villas in the area. Tick.


The villas are just so… spacious! Did I mention that already? I felt like I could shout across the pool to Ed and nobody else would hear me. So much openness… so much style… so much luxury. My senses were in overload from the moment I arrived and walked down a path next to a green wall-laden with thousands of fauna pots to my villa to the moment I checked-out.

So let’s start with the most obvious, the 14m pool. It’s giant (just like everything else) – you could use it to train for the Olympics if you wanted to. Obviously you won’t actually want to because you’re here for a blissful holiday but the offers still staring you in the face. Then there’s your own private spa gazebo (“Ahuh! That’s what that structure is,” I hear you saying) where you can have award-winning therapists massage and treat you to yours hearts’ content. Also, if you feel like playing a spot of cricket after your treatments you could probably do that too because there’s so. much. grass. Space is the key word here people, space.

Then there’s the villa itself, half of it is open air and the other half is not. The villa structure and interior is a perfect example of beautiful modern minimalist design, and being the brainchild of well-known Japanese architect Mr Naoya Matsumoto and Interior Architect Architect Shigemasa, you’d expect nothing less. The living and kitchen area are expansive, with high-ceilings and a large comfortable couch you can chill on when you want to get out of the sun. But it’s not all neutral tones and functional design, there’s a few well-placed vintage accents lazing around. Namely, the gorgeous paisley chairs I became obsessed with as soon as I saw them! So obsessed, in fact, I thought long and hard about how I could hide them in my luggage and take them back to Australia with me.

AMW xx