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The world’s best Tipi Hotels… now with free WiFi and a spa bath, coming to a town near you…

As a kid, we all dreamt of living in a tipi. But with the traditional Indian dwellings now offering creature comforts like WiFi, solar-power, hip hopi-inspired interiors, queen-sized beds, fully-stocked fridges and even claw-foot baths (phewf), it’s more than okay for us adults to covet staying in one too… at least for a little bit, you know, while we’re channeling Costner from Dances With Wolves. And until we get sick of using port-a-loos. Check out these luxury tipi hotels from around the globe – they’ll have you in touch with your inner spirit animal in no time.

World’s Best Tipi Hotels

Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel, Yellowstone National Park

This dream of a retreat located roughly 90 metres from the Yellowstone River and five miles from the northern entrance of the breathtaking park, opened just this month. Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel has 10 enchanting tipis, but the standout is the luxurious bathhouse which offers 6 private bathrooms and steaming hot rain showers, gorgeous fixtures and finishes and heated floors, basically turning my least favourite part of glamping into the best! Cute dog not included. 🙂

Dunton Hot Springs, Telluride Colorado

Talk about two for the price of one…tipi. Bad jokes aside, this destination wedding and event favourite in the rockie mountains of Colorado is actually an old ghost-town with numerous cabins for rent individually or together. The tipi has come to symbolise the laid-back yet old world charm of the surrounding valley, the magical waterfalls and hikes.

Cherry Wood B&B Seattle, Washington

Located just outside Seattle, this retreat is for the horse-lovers out there who don’t mind a sip of wine (or five) on horseback. The property is a working farm, producing a variety of juicy apples, pears, cherries and grapes, and is also home to over thirty horses – most saved from slaughter. The farm’s inn-keeper

Inn Keeper and all-round awesome person, Pepper Fewel, was ranch-raised in the orchard and wine country of eastern Washington and says she “wanted to create a place where my husband, my daughter, my son and his wife could all share this land and our love for it and for each other. I wanted a place where people from different backgrounds and all walks of life could come and feel free to be who they are.”

Did I mention the tipis’ ‘twilight tubs’ are to die?! Beholdeth:

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Aurora Village, Yellowknife Canada

Being able to view the Northern Lights while seated in your very own heated swivel chair next to a gigantic lit-up tipi is my idea of happiness. And  Aurora Village, located on its namesake lake in northern Yellowknife, Canada offers just that. While not technically an overnight hotel with beds, guests can relax in the heated tipis during the night while taking a break from swivelling and giving their necks some much needed rest.  Aurora Village does offer packages that include hotel accommodations nearby.

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Tipi Village Retreat, Oregon

Tipi Village is a little spiritual haven nestled in the Mohawk Valley near Eugene/Oregon. The tipis at the retreat are about as close to nature as you can get, surrounded by impossibly green pines and secluded woodlands. It’s unusual mix of dwellings includes seven tipis, all styled eclectically yet still offering complete and utter zen. Hikes, “finding yourself” and yoga retreats are the name of the game here, as well as gourmet breakfasts and healing workshops.

Moab Under Canvas, Utah

This glamping village, located on 40 acres just nine kilometre north of Moab Desert in Utah, is every gypsters mecca. Moments away from Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, with sweeping, uninterrupted views of the sunsets towards Arches, the camp blends into its dramatic surroundings utilising only luxurious lodgings of the canvas kind. The 12 tipis and tents both large and small, offer guests the opportunity to enjoy Utah’s spectacular desert without giving up the comforts of home.

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